Roque G. Saragoza III

UX Designer/ Developer

I learned a lot of things on the first day of the seminar, I think I would enrich myself by getting information on the latest technology that is on the market so that I won’t be left behind about the latest technology and also I learned that the technology we have today has become more efficient and compact that it is almost impossible to think that we as a human being get to this point in life that we can create things that are impossible in the but we made it possible because of innovations and research that helps us to create things that can be useful, compact and powerful enough to help us in our daily life.

I learned In the workshop the various things that we can do the arduino device, it is like a mini multiple use device that we can program to do things like a countdown timer, a mini stoplight, a ringtone maker and so on. This device maybe for me represent a certain devices that we use today like the timer in sports, a stoplight that we use today on major streets and highways. This devices come and being introduce through to this miniature device and then they make a bigger device that will suite our needs.

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